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>> a dempster is behind the store in national city. >> found a magazine full of bullets, a military style dog and a camoflage style helmet in the kempster. >> that's not something you find every day in a dumpster. >> officers quickly connected them to the 33-year-old. >> he is obviously very skilled. he is sick and deranged as we can see from the cold-blooded nature of the killings. >> he is accused of killing a security officer and his fee onsay last sunday. then, a river side police officer on thursday. he published an internet man fes tore declaring war on the people he believes are responsible for
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getting him fired from the force in 2008. >> we will find you. you have disgraced the public safety and the police profession. turn yourself in. >> that would be the best resolution. no 1 else has to be shot or injured or die. >> la police said they had more than fifty police officers and their families in custody. they checked in with police who have been alerted to what is happening but have no reason to suspect he has any ties to the bay area. >> if you remember, police opened fire in a truck.
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today los angeles police met with the 2 to apologize and promise them a new truck. they may want more than that. the women, the 71-year-old and daughter were delivering newspapers. >> police are looking for a 75-year-old man. >> he is driped as a white male. and suffers from dementia. >> the city of berkley announced this week that there were almost double the amount of reported rapes in that city compared to the year before. >> there were 20 reported rape. what's not clear is whether they
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reflect the actual rise in the number of rapes. >> these cases are being paid more and more attention. and are required to have these kind of agitational courses so people are more open to report this kind of thing. >> about half of the rapes reported involved drugs or alcohol and the victim knew the accused. >> there was a delay in the response because they are responding to multiple calls. firefighters say the fire
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started at a grill that was left unattended in the garage and the flames spread to the rest of the house. as flames shot out of the house, this man took video with his iphone showing what became an inferno across the street. he is the 1 that first smelled smoke. >> he came out and he got the hose and started throwing water. >> as the homeowner tried to fight back the flames with a garden hose, he warned people in other homes nearby and made sure everyone was out and safe. fire officials say they were responding to a vehicle accident when the call came in. >> when they got here the
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occupant said he was out and nobody was inside. so we did a full defensive knock down on the fire. >> and in the end, the delay didn't make much of a difference. >> i have got to take a look and talk to a debrief and see how the timing would have played. the first of that crew was going interior. by that point the whole side of the house and backside had flames flowing out the windows. >> he was just glad no 1 was hurt and he was in the right place at the right time. >> fire officials estimate the damage at about $90,000. >> a woman on her bike died after being struck and dragged
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by a cement truck. police are investigating how her bike god tangled. the woman and her truck were headed in the same direction when they somehow collide d a police officer who was there for the festival responded immediately. >> the driver realized something happened. it is unknown if alcohol or drugs is playing a factor. he is playing with police. >> the woman was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> a 41-year-old man is behind bars accused of tabing another man hostage. police received the call from a worker at a jack in the box. taking at least 1 employee
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hostage. >> schools across the country took a good look at security measures. 1 school decided to add a door protector. it is 2 metal brackets and a bar that fits into the slot. home depot donated the materials and time. >> we like having them here because we know it's 1 more precaution that we have in case of an emergency. >> other schools across the country have stepped up security.
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>> many spots by tomorrow morning will see frosty temperatures. a look at the rest of your weekend forecast coming up. >> plus a first. wha it could reveal about the red planet. >> there was no game today. and hear what bustier posey has to say about all the love.
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>> the blizzard that pounded the northeast is gone but has left a
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mess. >> massachusetts was the hardest hit. at least 9 people have died and hundreds of thousands are still without power. >> the wind and snow has finally stopped and across new england, the function returns to what will be a difficult rekorry. >> the national guard has been out in force with the state police. >> but these are the most important teams. krus working through brutal conditions. many still without any heat. >> it's been tough to dig out dozens of cars left abandoned at the height of the storm. many of the roads have reopened but are very messy and public transportation is still offline which means those who want to get around have to be a bit
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creative. >> trying to see boston for the first time in my life. >> even a kayak helped some. but the longer trips, airports have reopened, but flight options are still very limited. the journey is not as much about distance as it is determination. destination is getting things back to the way they were before the store. >> there were no cancellations or major delays today. that said there are thousands of people whose flights were cancelled yesterday. >> a successful test flight for boeing today. the plane threw about 300 miles. these are the aircraft scheduled
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in tokyo. the san jose airport is out almost $200,000 a day in lost revenues. in 1 case the baitry caught fire shortly after landing. >> keep in mind, mars is about 62 million miles from earth. the next step? poudler be transferred into into an on board lab for analysis. it may hold evidence of environment on the planet. >> more than 40,000 people
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showed up for fan fest to show their support for the team. >> i don't know how the players handle all of the fans. >> thank you for your unwavering support. you guys make it fun for us to come out every day. it's nice getting back from a long road trip and you have got 40,000 plus screaming for you all night. >> it's a giant party. everyone is here to have a good time, meet the players. >> the giants have always been special to their fans. i have really appreciated their special rest to me. just allowing us to be here and go throughout the park. >> pitchers and catchers report for spring training tuesday. >> okay. a pet insurance company gives out an award to the most unusual claim.
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>> he was in some clothes. and he left the lid open. and she must have wandered in and jumped in. and we came back and dropped off more clothes and didn't know she jumped in there. >> the insurance company uses the ham bone award as a way to educate the public about what may happen to pets. all is well that ends will. >> here is a look over chilly san jose. we are going bring in rob who is tracking things from the weather center. we have a beautiful day making for a cold night. >> right now san oh jose down to 38 degrees.
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42 in oakland. dipping into the low 30s. so patchy frost possible. not much wind tonight but clear skies and if the winds back off that is setting us up for mostly 30s. a few low 40s. they are looking pretty good. wrapping up the weekend. very dry conditions for this time of year. really just quite dry. we don't have much in the way of storm systems. it's high pressure acts like a wall here off to the west of the west coast. as the high continues to
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strengthen. that's going to keep us dry. going be looking at warmer days. not just for the next 7 days but the next 2 weeks can end up stuck in the pattern. tomorrow morning, only patchy low clouds. that's going keep things dry and mostly clear through the day tomorrow it will look a lot like we saw today. the afternoon should be slightly warn warmer after a chilly start. chance of patchy fog. sunrise at 7:05 in the morning. heading over towards fair field. north bay valley seeing 6s as well. the inner bay will warm up through monday and tuesday. and then the warmest days of the
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week coming up for the second half. this will be wednesday through friday. we will have a chance of getting close to 70 degrees just 2 days after we had low elevation snow in the bay area hill tops. the weather is flip-flopping. a little cooler but unusually dry. >> right now we want to check in with comcast sports net. henry? >> i'll tell you, some people failed to get the job done today. when we come back we will take a trip to pebble beach where a golfer lost his footing and he's not the only person losing traction. is it time for the warriors to panic? they had another blow out without a tow truck in site. you can't move the tv there.
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yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] a a a i-
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>> there is not a pump to air up the tires or a tow truck in sight. lit ice git the word right now in the loan star state. the warriors and mavericks. o.j. may owe blocked. dallas takes the lead and they never looked back.
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marion hits the corner 3. warriors lose a fourth straight game. 116 to 91. >> and he had a nice round. you see him slip on the rocks looking for his ball. it didn't help when he did find his ball because he put it on the beach again. he would finish at 1 under 11 off the lead. there he is.
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off of the seventh. look at him pull the string and bring the ball back to the hole. he would make the birty put. that will do it for tonight. diane will be right back after the break.
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>> pop star justin bieber is the host and performer tonight. he posted this photo with lauren michaels. he spelled the name wrong and made zifrl oir grammar mistakes as well. he posted a picture of himself
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mooning the camera and showing that he wore overalls with 1 strap undone. >> the spell something not what made him his name. >> that is not his talent and we all have different talents. >> and now we get to see him. >> thank you for joining us. all news live coming up next. >> good night.
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♪ we now return to the super bowl on cbs. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back. i am james brown with dan marino, coach bill cowher and shannon sharp. for those just tuning in, 20 minutes ago, there was a power surge that knocked out a number of lights in the building and we're told the game will not resume for another 15 minutes. >> another 15 minutes! that's what they said 15 minutes ago! don't make us watch those first half highlights again. i can't watch those again. >> no reason to panic, shannon. there's plenty to talk about. >> is there? because i am running on fumes, man. >> we did a six-hour pregame. what more is there to say? >> just be cool. for another update on the situation, we throw it down to our own steve tasker on the sidelines. >> well, there's not much new to report, j.b. the lights went out and now they're trying to get them back on.
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some players are stretching. some are not. as a favor i would like to ask you not to come back to me because i have nothing to add. back to you, j.b. >> well, thanks, steve. that seems like it's been 15 minutes. no? it's been less than one minute? okay. well, as a reminder, on cbs it's "two broke girls," "two broke girls," very funny show. now, bill, as an ex-coach, who do you think is helped by the blackout? >> well, as i've said seven times in the last 15 minutes, i can see it having advantages for both sides. [ laughter ] that's all i got, j.b. i am real sorry, pal, but that's all i got. >> dan, what do you think the quarterbacks are thinking? >> well, i'm thinking if colin kaepernick, we need to score some points.

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